Friday, January 12, 2007

Status per January 12 2007

This new part shows how the boss of the circus brings in a new trailer for Lydia, the new star of the circus. She is asking for this new trailer for a while: the trailer she currently lives in is too old and far too small for the star of the circus. Ever since she performs in the circus a lot of people visit the circus every evening. Therefore the boss of the circus wants to please here! The investment in a new trailer will certainly pay off. The new trailer is very luxurious: an air co, heating, satellite television etc., etc., everything to please Lydia, the star of the circus.

This new part also shows a cycling boy: this boy is my youngest son. One of the main characters in the animation, Stijn (the boy in blue), is my oldest son. My younger son also wanted to be in the animation. Therefore daddy decided to draw him and made him enter the animation....

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