Sunday, June 24, 2007

Status per June 24 2007

After the show the journalist interviews the lion tamer. The story about this night’s show will be front page news. The lion tamer tells the journalist every detail of what happened tonight When the journalist wants to take his picture, the lion tamer insists that Stijn has to be in the picture as well. The lion tamer walks to Stijn. Els and Stijn are talking about tonight’s events as well. “Stijn, I told our man of the paper that you are tonight’s big hero, you have to be in picture for the paper as well”, the lion tamer says to Stijn. “You knocking on my door and shouting that the lions needed me made me think”, the lion tamer continues. “You said the lions would only listen to me. By then I realized that the lions needed me and I needed the lions. I had to prevent that my sweet lions had to be in one and the same cage as that snake women Lydia. I jumped out of my bed and ran to the tent. The remarks you shouted at me when you were knocking on my door made me do it. That’s why you are tonight’s big hero”, the lion tamer finishes his story . “It was a close finish, you arrived just in time. A little later and it could have been a very sad ending of the show. I needed all the power I had in my arms to keep the lions of Lydia’s back.”, Stijn replies. “Boys, smile…”, Els shouts. The journalist takes his picture and indeed the picture is on the front page of next day’s paper. Els reads everything the journalist has written about the circus. “That’s quite a story, is there also anything positive about that snake women in there?”, Stijn asks curious. Suddenly they hear a lot of noise coming from the Lydia’s trailer…

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Status per June 10 2007

The magician keeps waving with his cape for a quite a while. Therefore the lions are not relaxing at all. Meanwhile the journalist keeps taking pictures. The act from Lydia and her magician starts as all the other nights. From behind the curtains Stijn and Els and the boss of the circus and his wife anxiously look at Lydia, the magician and the wild lions. Everything seems to go without problems. Nevertheless, the boss of the circus is still very stressed. He doesn’t feel comfortable: a lions act in circus without a lion tamer hasn’t been done before! Then the most difficult part starts. Lydia disappears in the purple box and flash….. just like the nights before she appears again swinging on a rope above the lions. One of the lions smells the grease Lydia has all over her body. The lion jumps and manages to reach Lydia’s cape. Lydia looses her balance and falls into the cage, between the lions. The wild animal seizes Lydia and pulls her by her cape and hair. Stijn sees it doesn’t hesitate for one second. He runs into the circus ring and manages the get grip of the tail of the lion. He pulls the tail with all the power he has in his body. Thanks to Stijn the lion doesn’t come any closer to Lydia but Lydia is not able to escape her attacker. It is very quite in the circus tent. Then, out of thin air, the lion tamer walks into the cage. He uses his whip a few times. The lions have his attention but the wild lion doesn’t stop his attack. Without showing any fear the lions tamer walks towards the wild animals and caresses his head while whispering some sweet words. The lion relaxes and releases Lydia from his grip. Lydia is able to escape the cage through the bars. She leaves the circus tent as fast as she can. Nobody saw her again that evening. Meanwhile the audience is yelling and shearing. They applaud for minutes for this very spectacular performance by the lion tamer and Stijn. Both enjoy this applause. The journalist managed to get everything on photo. Wow, what a story he must have for his paper.

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Chapter 5: "A secret?" (2 min 04 sec)

Chapter 6: "Incredible" (0 min 48 sec)

Chapter 7: "What is in the box?" (1 min 00 sec)

Chapter 8: "What does she want?" (0 min 41 sec)

Chapter 9: "Is she a witch?" (1 min 54 sec)

Chapter 10: "She is lying!" (1 min 47 sec)

Chapter 11: "Restless lions" (0 min 40 sec)

Chapter 12: "Lights on" (0 min 42 sec)

Chapter 13: "Let me do it" (0 min 42 sec)

Chapter 14: "You can feel it" (1 min 06 sec)

Chapter 15: "Danger!" (0 min 54 sec)